Intense Audio and Video offers all of the services necessary to fulfill your home electronic desires. We will:

  • Provide you with every home technology option available to enhance your lifestyle;
  • Design a home entertainment system that suits your needs;
  • Install and integrate your custom system into your home; and
  • Ensure that you are an expert in operating your new, easy-to-use, home automation system.

Intense Audio and Video takes pride in working directly with you, and interior designer to ensure perfection throughout the entire process. We guarantee 100% complete customer satisfaction!


Intense Audio and Video offers free initial consultation, in which we learn about individual needs and the scope of each desired project. In addition, we discuss the technology available and gather information for a written proposal.

Intense Audio and Video unbiased, open technology consulting approach encourages the homeowner to choose which products are right for them by reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of each, and then making educated decisions.

In addition to our free consultation, we are available for contract consulting work for design. Please contact our office for more information.


Intense Audio and Video will work with you to customize each sub-system into a fully integrated network. There are endless options you can choose from within each sub-system to automate your home. We will recommend sub-system products and designs that will fit into your current unique lifestyle and will assist you in identifying any possible future needs. We can help anticipate the potential desire for future products to ensure that wiring and other considerations are addressed now.


A solid design is of little value if the finished product is difficult, awkward, and frustrating for a homeowner to use. Therefore, we include programming as a part of the actual design proposal. Intense Audio and Video is so committed to developing simple, powerful and easy to use interfaces that we even extend the programming service for a full year after completion to ensure that the system is understandable and that the homeowner is completely satisfied.

It is important for every client to understand the basic details about what is involved in programming an entertainment system in order to recognize the value of having the perfect programming partner. The brain of each system is commonly referred to as an interpreter of electronic language protocols, in other words, it "speaks" multiple languages. Upon sending and receiving all of these language protocols, it must then process numerous calculations and commands, which trigger events and result in the automation of the home.

Programming is not only an investment for Intense Audio and Video, but also for each homeowner because the finished product will become part of your daily life. It is imperative that we work closely with you and your family to create a completely customized look and feel that fits the World you lead.


As your "Partner for Life," Intense Audio and Video not only trains each homeowner to live in their state-of-the-art, but we also teach you how to upgrade and customize your home entertainment system. As you learn to utilize the power of your new home system, we will assist you in adapting to the practical and luxurious functionalities. We take pride in the fact that when we have completed your system, you will not only be 100% satisfied, but you will refer all of your friends to Intense Audio and Video.

If you like the products and service offerings that you have read about, please contact our office today to begin learning how we can change your World tomorrow!


One of the most important elements that Intense Audio and Video offers is total project management of all of your chosen technology systems. Coordinating with Intense Audio and Video staff on your home entertainment system is imperative to ensure perfect integration of their systems with the central controller. Our job is to make sure that our customers do not have to worry about any delays in building because of lack of communication. We know how stressful home entertainment systems in a house can be and we will relieve some of that stress by following through with our promises.

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